A Partnership with Dataspade

J & M Printing has partnered with DataSpade, a national leader in industry-specific software serving the casino gaming industry. If you are looking for a way to improve your casino players club direct marketing results, you have come to the right place. DataSpade provides software and database analytic tools capable of running on every major player tracking system. Automated software offerings allow us to provide actionable monthly reporting packages and turnkey segmented mail lists.

DataSpade is well versed in the casino industry. With over a decade of experience in many corporate and tribal settings, they are your trusted source for providing strategic consulting designed towards marketing to your players, increasing your revenue stream, and handling monthly reporting packages.

Data is the most important tool used to efficiently evaluate any direct marketing campaigns effectiveness. We excel at providing your casino with the reports and analysis needed to make informed decisions and execute them with confidence.

Pair our consulting services with our on-demand and reliable software for a fully encompassing direct marketing solution. We provide decision support through the creative use of data, software, and technology.

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The BounceBack works by triggering daily and automating incentives to database players who have satisfied pre-set play requirements. Decide the reinvestment percentage and our automated software does the rest for you.

The BounceBack continuously analyzes and evaluates player’s value/trip frequency—it’s proven to provide up to a 10–15% increase in revenue.

Take the headache out of manual list generation—turnkey segmented mail lists and automatic daily exports make it a breeze to market and respond to your players. Your bottom line is our top priority.

  • Offer denominations can be adjusted to account for distance located from property (defined by player type: local/non-local)
  • Relative offer ranging allows coupons to be issued based off a player’s previous offer
  • Offer expiration is defined by player type and issue date—directly control the response pressure
  • Supplemental offer designed to combine strategically with your existing offer mix—retention, news letter, free play

DataAce - Analytic Tool & Mail List Compiler

DataAce is an analytic tool and mail list compiler. It enables our clients to analyze and implement marketing strategies by utilizing the data in their players club database. Immediately analyze individual groups, segments, or player’s key metrics using an interface designed to be intuitive, quick, and precise. DataAce allows its users to compile lists with offers and track the results of any marketing campaign with a few clicks on the PC. It’s simple to install, ready to use within minutes, fully automated, and compatible with all player tracking systems. Pull reports and analyze data in record time with DataAce.