Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing

Maximize the relevance of your direct mail pieces with the power of Variable Data Print. The opportunity to provide unique offers personally tailored for each recipient optimizes potential for increased revenue & response. Reduce overall printing costs with the added benefit of generating response rates up to 10x higher than traditional direct mail.

J&M Print specializes in executing complex variable direct mail pieces. Our Variable Data capabilities are automated to provide exceptionally fast print and distribution. Integrate your offers with e-blast marketing & newsletters to top off the effectiveness of the variable data process.

  • Personalized pieces tailored to fit each individual recipient
  • Secure a targeted and accurate mailing list
  • Each mail piece contains relevant information with unique text, images, and offers
  • Low cost solution positioned to integrate with email campaigns & newsletter distribution

Better direct mail translates into better results

Data Segmentation

Targeting your players effectively with data segmentation allows you to maximize the most ideal outcome of your direct mail campaigns. J&M Print understands that the success of marketing campaigns relates deeply to the data-driven mediums from which offers originate. We assist in:

  • Developing segmentation lists to determine the where and when offers will be most relevant.

  • Creating varied versions of marketing communications that appeal to different segments.

  • Building effective loyalty marketing programs that result in successful response rates.

  • Providing turnkey segmented mail lists and compiling complex matrix mail files.

  • Increasing your market share with tailored, unique offers that generate high response rates.

Segmentation allows you to target specific sets of players with distinct marketing messages and eye-catching offers to increase response and revenues.